Beware! This is not just a website, Kinkygate is a very special Bdsm club. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
You can also collaborate with Bdsm couples. Tell them what to do.
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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Slave Michelle
" Me milking my tits in preparation for the session with my master. I wore this latex outfit the whole day at the office under my clothes. I love being my masters sex slave. I am his cum whore, his piss whore and much more".
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Mistress Janine and slave Tom
"My main duty as slave of femdom Janine is to worship her holy big ass. I act as her human chair, she crushes my face and I clean her anus with my tongue. She also does other perverse games with me".

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Demanding mistress
Peehole Penetration
poured with glowing wax
Punishing a grandma
'Serving as her cunnilingus machine and she crushes me with her fat butt'
'My wife submitted to my unique peehole penetration machine with continues orgasms as result'
Beauty slave ' Tied, helpess and poured with wax '
'Bizarre punishments for 50 years old granny Emma'

Perverse lesbian Femdom
Milked like a cow
Sissy with a ruined ass
Mom with a 19 y.o. master
Lesbian Femdom. Flogging a decent married lady for cheating her hubby
'As soons as she snaps with her fingers I go to the table to get milked'
'Sissy boy Paul. Dressed like a slut I get hard and painful fucked with a huge strap-on'
'I am 44 and my master is only 19. If I am not there, he saves his sperm to rub me in and I love that'

Submissive Professor
Moms punished by boys
Slave Initiation Inge 19
Latex cum whore
'The double life of a nutty professor with a frigid wife who works for the church. In my home the whip rules and sways and his asshole is being ravaged'
Bizarre groups BDSM. Four Mothers spanked by two 19 years old boys
19 years old Inge from Germany. Cruel initiation as slave. Bondage, spanking and ass worship
'From Germany. My latex slave Lena worships my cock and my cum'

Humiliating Esther
Kicking high heels
Slave for 24/7
To my wrist in her cunt
'Esther flashed her big tits on a public beach. My punishment was merciless and extreme'
'my cruel mean and demanding mistress Alice'
'I have rented a country house for three weeks in a rural environment. My wife is naked and on a leash all day. She is vailable to me 24/7 and subject to bizarre punishments'
'My tied slave Bernadette (23) gets half my arm inside her tight cunt'

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