Kinkygate is an amateur club for Bdsm freaks. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
You can also collaborate with Bdsm couples. Tell them what to do.
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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lessons for an arrogant bitch
"Lessons in humility for busty, classy and arrogant Brigitte. I have put a brace in her cheeky mouth, so it is always wide open for my dick, and she got a cunt full with piercings. I always I fuck her tiny butt hole without lubes".
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Silvia, the femdom mom
"I am 54 years and my slave Arthur is only 24. I am a mother figure to him, but a very strict, sometimes cruel and very perverted mother".
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Our archive was last updated on 21/10/2020
Amazing cock punishments
Face Crushing
Crushed boobs of Sandy
Submissive Professor
'My mistress is an expert in terrible cruel cock punishments'
'My mistress crushing my face with her big ass. Meanwhile I clean her asshole'
'My 49 years old slave Bernadette. Bizarre bondage and painful punishments'
'The double life of a nutty professor with a frigid wife who works for the church. In my home the whip rules and sways and his asshole is being ravaged'

Humiliated in public park
Sisters Humiliated
Swedish float whore
Leashed Teen Slut
Flogging Yasmine in nature before a stranger fucks her in her dry asshole'
'A just punishment for two slutty sisters. They got rock-hard spanking and after that had to share my cum'
Bjorn from Sweden. 'Look I have a floating slave. She hangs on the ceiling for a long time. Every now and then climb up the stairs to put something in her ass or cunt.'
'Noa is so slutty that she can not walk around freely. Always on a leash. I let her beg for my dick'


Spanking my teacher
Taming of teacher Ann
In Wax and anal tested
Arm in my ass
Nicole 25 years old. ' Spanking punishment for my naughty teacher (54)'
'she is already 52 years old, a seemingly decent teacher. I'm really rough to my busty cum slut'
Stacey, 'Poured over with wax and testing the stretchability of her ass'
'My peverse mistress Judith likes extreme anal insertions while tormenting my dick'

Fat whore from Germany
Crucified in nature
tied up Dutch mom
Object in a femdom orgy
'Mein Fette Hurre Inge!' BDSM couple form Germany with not much limits
'Punishment for wearing no panties. Crucified and exposed in nature. Viewed by passers-by'
'Poor Dutch Slave tied up for 24 hours'
Femdom orgy.'I got a bizarre anal training, I got a mean cock bondage and I acted as toilet'

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