Kinkygate is an amateur club for Bdsm freaks. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
Whether you are submissive or dominant, you will find what you are looking for (your craziest fantasies).
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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training an arrogant bitch
"Posh lady Brigitte from Indiapolis gets lessons in humility. Thanks to braces her cheeky mouth is always wide open for my cock and I pierced her pussy several times. Anal penetration is a very important part of the training: I fuck her without lubes".
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Quirina and her caged slave
'Bdsm couple from Dallas. My slave Michel is in his cage all weekend long. He can sometimes crawl out, but only on a leash and then I peform the most perverse and bizarre experiments on him. I'm pretty extreme'.
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Archive was updated on March 06 2021
Tied up and anal stuffed
Latex cum whore
Silvia extremly fisted
stupid milk cow
'A training with evertyhing included. Marian gets anal stuffed, clamps on her pussy and I tie her up cruelly'
'From Germany. My latex slave Lena worships my cock and my cum'
'My slave Silvia, 50 years old. Tied, humiliated and deeply fisted in both holes
'I am her cow. I have to roar like a cow, I have to eat grass and I have to produce milk with my cock'.

In Wax and anal tested
Grandma from Germany
To my wrist in her cunt
Bukakke for Asian slave
Stacey, 'Poured over with wax and testing the stretchability of her ass'
'From Germany. Marianne is a 60 years old dirty whore. It is a honour for her to drink my cum and piss straight from my dick'
'Mature latex slave Veronica. I test the extensibility of her pussy with both hands'
'Watch how my slave Lulu gets fucked by anonymous men in all her holes and how she gets covered with cum'

Punishing a grandma
My bukakke slut Wendy
10 hours in her scaffold
Destroying teen asshole
'Bizarre punishments for 50 years old granny Emma'
'Bukakke home party. My girlfriend and slave Wendy act as a cum dump for all my friends'
'I have built a scaffold for my wife. Big ass up. Flogging her real hard'
'So tough for a 19 years old girl. The rope cuts into her wrists and then I stab my hand into her tight asshole'

well-trained wife
extreme tits pain
the most insane femdom
Here her cunt
'My wife Fenna (49). She crawls around with a cucumber in her ass while my sperm dries up on her face '
'Olivia (19). I'm her first master. Real heavy weights on her titties and pussy'
'the cruel experiments of my mistress Erika. Ass destruction and dick stretching'
'Slave Alexia. In daily life a manager, but in my home a humble slave. A lot of clamps. Her cunt extreme wide open'.

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