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My cum SLave Lauren
" Look at my wife Lauren in her new outfit. What slut she is. I taught her to worship my sperm. She even brushes her teeth with my sperm. She also has a jar of semen of mine in the fridge. Two spoons a day. Eat up, slut"!
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Mistress Alexa and puppy Boris
"In the morning my mistress puts on my leash and walks around with me while she punished me with the whip. I am her silly puppy slave. This is so humiliating. On top of it all, she makes videos and pictures of us during this sessions".

All our puppy videos ?

new update Wed Nov 13 2019

cruel cock punishments
Anal Feet Femdom
Taming of teacher Ann
Demanding mistress
'Dick training. With pins, with weights and my sharp heels'
'O help. My mistress Alexandra fucks my butthole with her foot. Her complete foot turns around in my ass'
'she is already 52 years old, a seemingly decent teacher. I'm really rough to my busty cum slut'
'Serving as her cunnilingus machine and she crushes me with her fat butt'

Cruel bizarre femdom
Fat whore from Germany
Target in an urinal
Do not mind my wife
'With mistress Katja. Dangling on the ceiling with bottle in my ass'
'Mein Fette Hurre Inge!' BDSM couple form Germany with not much limits
'My slave Nicole acts as a replacement urinal. Available to all men'
'My whore wife crawls through the house with a filled ass, while I have invited friends for a beer'

suffering slave Amanda
Bukakke for Asian slave
Exhibited slave Monica
Slave for 24/7
'This was real cruel, but she needs this, she asks for it. With her breasts tied to a tree'
'Watch how my slave Lulu gets fucked by anonymous men in all her holes and how she gets covered with cum'
'Risky and bizarre outdoor punishments of my 27 years old girlfriend'
'I have rented a country house for three weeks in a rural environment. My wife is naked and on a leash all day. She is vailable to me 24/7 and subject to bizarre punishments'

the most insane femdom
Training teen asshole
A day in the wild
My cum and piss whore
'the cruel experiments of my mistress Erika. Ass destruction and dick stretching'
'19 years old Dawn from the UK. ' Pissing through a butt plug in her ass'
'We sometimes spend a whole day with in nature. I tie her up, I whip her, I stick objects in her ass and much more'
With my mature slave Anna (51). She drinks my piss straight from my cock before she eats my cum'

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