Prepare for something unprecedented. Kinkygate is a unique club for BDSM amateurs.Within this club all types of BDSM, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments on male and female slaves. We show BDSM beyond your imagination.

You can also collaborate with BDSM couples. Tell them what to do.

Join...if you dare... Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.

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Master Tom and his cum whore Lauren
"My slave Lauren. I have made her a new outfit. I am now close to the completion of my trainings target called 'perfect cum whore'. I tied her up all day and she is totally covered in cum ".
All my training videos with her?
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Femdom Megan and slave hubby Martin
"Canadian couple My dominant wife reacts very cruelly when I confess my sins A rain of blows on my penis with the whip She is deaf to my groan Then she does crazier things with me".

All our videos and pictures?

new update Sat Mar 23 2019

Perverse lesbian Femdom
Let my puppy out
Taming of teacher Ann
Arm in my ass
Lesbian Femdom. Flogging a decent married lady for cheating her hubby
'My puppy slave on the leash. She has to pee in the bushes otherwise no candy from the boss'
'she is already 52 years old, a seemingly decent teacher. I'm really rough to my busty cum slut'
'My peverse mistress Judith likes extreme anal insertions while tormenting my dick'

Milked like a cow
Sissy with a ruined ass
Milky mothers
Slave for 24/7
'As soons as she snaps with her fingers I go to the table to get milked'
'Sissy boy Paul. Dressed like a slut I get hard and painful fucked with a huge strap-on'
'My wife Brianna and her best friend Sally, both milk tits. Great session with my nipples suckers'
'I have rented a country house for three weeks in a rural environment. My wife is naked and on a leash all day. She is vailable to me 24/7 and subject to bizarre punishments'

lesson in humility
Amazing cock punishments
stupid milk cow
Mom with a 19 y.o. master
'Look at Katie, two slutty fuck balls as breasts. it was time for a thorough lesson in humility. A toilet brush in her mouth'
'My mistress is an expert in terrible cruel cock punishments'
'I am her cow. I have to roar like a cow, I have to eat grass and I have to produce milk with my cock'.
'I am 44 and my master is only 19. If I am not there, he saves his sperm to rub me in and I love that'

120 strokes on his dick
Here her cunt
cruel cock punishments
Cage prisoner
Katinka: 'In case of a premature ejaculation, I punish with 150 stroked on the dick'
'Slave Alexia. In daily life a manager, but in my home a humble slave. A lot of clamps. Her cunt extreme wide open'.
'Dick training. With pins, with weights and my sharp heels'
'my Wife Nora locked up in a cage for 48 hours and sucking many stranger dicks. Buckets of cum'

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