Kinkygate is an amateur club for Bdsm freaks. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
Whether you are submissive or dominant, here you will always find someone you are looking for.
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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Master Alex and slave Peggy
"In this video just the start of my training weekend with slave Peggy. She needs harsh punishments for being addicted to sucking cock. I have begun to humiliate her in every way and am very interested in suggestions from fellow members on how to punish her".
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Mistress Alexa and puppy Boris
"We are from South Dakota. In the morning she puts me on my leash for a walk in the winter cold, while she punishes me with the whip. I am publicly humiliated for the whole neighboorhood and to top of it all: she makes videos of it!
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All the puppy walks?

Archive was updated on January 26 2021
My puppy girl Ashley (18)
French Lesbian femdom
Face Crushing
Perverse lesbian Femdom
'Teen Ashley gets a hard puppy training. The whip with every mistake'
'Angelique, femdom female from France. I have trained a chubby lesbian with my hubby as spectator and assistant. This became an extensive perverted training'
'My mistress crushing my face with her big ass. Meanwhile I clean her asshole'
Lesbian Femdom. Flogging a decent married lady for cheating her hubby

Helpless mom Janet
Hard Femdom Spanking
mature cum and piss whore
bizarre experiments
'Bondage Marathon. She is for eight long hours in this position. I have no mercy at all'
Femdom spanking. 'I like to watch my suffering slave Jerry '
'Treating my wife like garbage and feeding her with cum and piss '
'Mature slave Lenka subject to my bizarre pussy and ass experiments. Tied in a swing, legs spread. All kinds of pussy clamps, anal plugs, fisting and object insertions'

Food Games with fat Gina
Arm in my ass
Kicking high heels
120 strokes on his dick
'Food and sex addicteded Gina (50). Tormenting my pig slave her with food'
'My peverse mistress Judith likes extreme anal insertions while tormenting my dick'
'my cruel mean and demanding mistress Alice'
Katinka: 'In case of a premature ejaculation, I punish with 150 stroked on the dick'

Grandma from Germany
tied up Dutch mom
Slave for 24/7
Public training
'From Germany. Marianne is a 60 years old dirty whore. It is a honour for her to drink my cum and piss straight from my dick'
'Poor Dutch Slave tied up for 24 hours'
'I have rented a country house for three weeks in a rural environment. My wife is naked and on a leash all day. She is vailable to me 24/7 and subject to bizarre punishments'
'Milf Miranda tied up in a public park. Flogged and penetrated in all holes'

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