Kinkygate is an amateur club for Bdsm freaks. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
You can also collaborate with Bdsm couples. Tell them what to do.
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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cum slave girl Lauren
"My slave girl Lauren in her new latex outfit. I have trained her into a perfect cum worshipper. She even brushes her teeth with my sperm. She also crawl to the fridge, there I keep a jar of cum.. Two spoons a day. Eat up, slut"!
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Quirina and her caged slave
'My slave Michel is in his cage all weekend long. He can sometimes crawl out, but only on a leash and then I do the most bizarre experiments on him. I'm pretty extreme'.
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Our archive was last updated on 22/09/2020
My cum Piggy
Cage prisoner
Demanding mistress
10 hours in her scaffold
'Training a decent housewife to become a pig. A cum slurping pig !'
'my Wife Nora locked up in a cage for 48 hours and sucking many stranger dicks. Buckets of cum'
'Serving as her cunnilingus machine and she crushes me with her fat butt'
'I have built a scaffold for my wife. Big ass up. Flogging her real hard'

Home BDSM from 1994
bizarre anal femdom
Milky mothers
Kicking high heels
'Watch Rosa masked, tormented and humiliatied. Nowadays she is a decent grandmother'
'Mistress destroys my asshole with huge toys and objects'
'My wife Brianna and her best friend Sally, both milk tits. Great session with my nipples suckers'
'my cruel mean and demanding mistress Alice'


stupid milk cow
Tied up and anal stuffed
Peehole Penetration
To my wrist in her cunt
'I am her cow. I have to roar like a cow, I have to eat grass and I have to produce milk with my cock'.
'A training with evertyhing included. Marian gets anal stuffed, clamps on her pussy and I tie her up cruelly'
'My wife submitted to my unique peehole penetration machine with continues orgasms as result'
'Mature latex slave Veronica. I test the extensibility of her pussy with both hands'

Fat whore from Germany
Anal Feet Femdom
cruel cock punishments
Submissive Professor
'Mein Fette Hurre Inge!' BDSM couple form Germany with not much limits
'O help. My mistress Alexandra fucks my butthole with her foot. Her complete foot turns around in my ass'
'Dick training. With pins, with weights and my sharp heels'
'The double life of a nutty professor with a frigid wife who works for the church. In my home the whip rules and sways and his asshole is being ravaged'

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