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Master Harry and Yasmine
"Yasmine from Arizona is aware of her sexy appearance. She acts like an arrogant slut. Therefore I give her firm trainings in humility. Today the next: I tie her, close her cheeky mouth and spray her conceited face with thick blobs of cum".
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Mistress Janine and slave Tom
"My main duty as slave of femdom Janine is to worship her holy big ass. I act as her human chair, she crushes my face and I clean her anus with my tongue. She also does other perverse games with me".

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new update Thu Aug 22 2019

stupid milk cow
tied up Dutch mom
Spanking my teacher
Walk in Tiergarten
'I am her cow. I have to roar like a cow, I have to eat grass and I have to produce milk with my cock'.
'Poor Dutch Slave tied up for 24 hours'
Nicole 25 years old. ' Spanking punishment for my naughty teacher (54)'
Master and slave from Germany. 'I walk through Tiergarten with my naked slave Claudia. She swims on a leash in the lake. Many passers-by have seen her'

Arm in my ass
In Wax and anal tested
ass and cunt submission
suffering slave Amanda
'My peverse mistress Judith likes extreme anal insertions while tormenting my dick'
Stacey, 'Poured over with wax and testing the stretchability of her ass'
'Slave Nancy. Her holes spread with tapes and stuffed with cucumbers'
'This was real cruel, but she needs this, she asks for it. With her breasts tied to a tree'

Humiliated in public park
Like a pig
Cruel bizarre femdom
To my wrist in her cunt
Flogging Yasmine in nature before a stranger fucks her in her dry asshole'
'Amanda. Training her as a pig. Indoors and outdoors in the mud'
'With mistress Katja. Dangling on the ceiling with bottle in my ass'
'Mature latex slave Veronica. I test the extensibility of her pussy with both hands'

Let my puppy out
French Lesbian femdom
10 hours in her scaffold
Home BDSM from 1994
'My puppy slave on the leash. She has to pee in the bushes otherwise no candy from the boss'
'Angelique, femdom female from France. I have trained a chubby lesbian with my hubby as spectator and assistant. This became an extensive perverted training'
'I have built a scaffold for my wife. Big ass up. Flogging her real hard'
'Watch Rosa masked, tormented and humiliatied. Nowadays she is a decent grandmother'

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