Kinkygate is an amateur club for Bdsm freaks. Within this club all types of amateur Bdsm, including the most extreme and bizarre experiments with male and female slaves. We show punishments beyond your imagination.
You can also collaborate with Bdsm couples. Tell them what to do.
Every day we welcome many new members who make videos and photos exclusively for this club.
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Homemade Pillory
" I have made my own metal frame and my own pillory for my slave girl Barbara. Although I have enough inspiration ( I invent and make the most bizarre things) I am always open to new ideas on how to punish her. Tell me!".
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the horse of mistress Wenny
"Wenny, my mistress of Asian origin runs a manege. She trains me in her horse rider outfit. I do my best to be a good and sweet stallion".
All my videos with Barbara?

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All my videos with Wenny?

Our archive was last updated on 15/07/2020
my painful Ass Artwork
Spanking my teacher
Kicking high heels
Crushed boobs of Sandy
'100 thumbtacks in her ass and then the whip comes'
Nicole 25 years old. ' Spanking punishment for my naughty teacher (54)'
'my cruel mean and demanding mistress Alice'
'My 49 years old slave Bernadette. Bizarre bondage and painful punishments'

18 and initiated
Totally Crushed
Spanking 3 sisters
Food Games with fat Gina
'My slave Noor is only 18. Tied on the table. I feed her with a spoonfull of sperm, I sit on her face so she can eat my ass, I stretch her asshole with big toys and much more'.
'her huge ass and her full weight on my face. She was also in her period'
Videos from an Australian Farm. 3 slutty sisters (22, 21 and 19 y.o.) Mutual spanking lesson
'Food and sex addicteded Gina (50). Tormenting my pig slave her with food'

To my wrist in her cunt
Object in a femdom orgy
Anal Feet Femdom
My puppy girl Ashley (18)
'Mature latex slave Veronica. I test the extensibility of her pussy with both hands'
Femdom orgy.'I got a bizarre anal training, I got a mean cock bondage and I acted as toilet'
'O help. My mistress Alexandra fucks my butthole with her foot. Her complete foot turns around in my ass'
'Teen Ashley gets a hard puppy training. The whip with every mistake'

Slave Initiation Inge 19
Like a pig
Perverse lesbian Femdom
Sisters Humiliated
19 years old Inge from Germany. Cruel initiation as slave. Bondage, spanking and ass worship
'Amanda. Training her as a pig. Indoors and outdoors in the mud'
Lesbian Femdom. Flogging a decent married lady for cheating her hubby
'A just punishment for two slutty sisters. They got rock-hard spanking and after that had to share my cum'

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