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busty super whore Peggy
"We are from Dallas. My slut peggy likes nothing more than to play the whore and she is very easy meat for any men. I have to train her a lot and I would like to hear your ideas how to punish this slut".
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the horse of mistress Wenny
"Wenny, my mistress of Asian origin runs a manege. She trains me in her horse rider outfit. I do my best to be a good and sweet stallion".

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   featured at Sun Dec 08 2019
Humiliating Esther
lesson in humility
Demanding mistress
Anal Feet Femdom
'Esther flashed her big tits on a public beach. My punishment was merciless and extreme'
'Look at Katie, two slutty fuck balls as breasts. it was time for a thorough lesson in humility. A toilet brush in her mouth'
'Serving as her cunnilingus machine and she crushes me with her fat butt'
'O help. My mistress Alexandra fucks my butthole with her foot. Her complete foot turns around in my ass'

open cum mouth of Sumi
well-trained wife
Enemas in Nature
To my wrist in her cunt
'My Malaysian slave Sumi. You are all invited to dump your cum in her throat'
'My wife Fenna (49). She crawls around with a cucumber in her ass while my sperm dries up on her face '
Femdom Adrianna from Ohio. 'Dirty and perverted sessions with slave Harry on an open field. He is helpless stretched out here for hours and is given large enemas'
'Mature latex slave Veronica. I test the extensibility of her pussy with both hands'

Spanking my teacher
mature cum and piss whore
Silvia extremly fisted
My cum and piss whore
Nicole 25 years old. ' Spanking punishment for my naughty teacher (54)'
'Treating my wife like garbage and feeding her with cum and piss '
'My slave Silvia, 50 years old. Tied, humiliated and deeply fisted in both holes
With my mature slave Anna (51). She drinks my piss straight from my cock before she eats my cum'

my two slaves
Without lubricant
chains, pins, electric
Milky mothers
Marianne:'I have two malte slaves at my disposal. They share my anal toys and their are so trained that they shoot cum simultaneously'
'My slave Bill. The first time I fisted his ass without lubricant. My fist deep in his dry butthole'
'Extreme BDSM. Jenny submitted to cruel experiments'
'My wife Brianna and her best friend Sally, both milk tits. Great session with my nipples suckers'

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