Some examples from our archive, last updated on September 22 2023
the most insane femdom
cruel cock punishments
My cum and piss whore
Like a pig
'Erika ravages my cock, my balls, my asshole'
'His dick pierced with pins, stretched with weights and crushed with my heels'
With my mature slave Anna (51). She swallows my piss straight from my cock before she eats my cum'
'Amanda. My well-trained puppy. Outdoor I drag her through the mud '
lesson in humility
Stepsisters public trained
My whore wife
A day in a pillory
'Look at Katie, two slutty fuck balls as breasts. it was time for a thorough lesson in humility. A toilet brush in her mouth'
Two disobedient and slutty stepsisters (19) displayed in a public park
'New here. Hereby I intruduce you my dirty slut wife Barbara. It is her duty to eat a lot of cum and to swallos piss. She is a dirty whore'
'My stupid slut Lydia for 24 hours in a pillory. Insult her please! I would like to hear all your ideas'
Danish lesbian femdom
bizarre experiments
Totally Crushed
Punished in public park
'Tied lesbian slave Natalie get fisten in her pussy and in her asshole'
'Mature slave Lenka subject to my bizarre pussy and ass experiments. Tied in a swing, legs spread. All kinds of pussy clamps, anal plugs, fisting and object insertions'
'her huge ass and her full weight on my face. She was also in her period'
'Whipping Yasmine in nature before a stranger fucks her in her not lubed asshole'
bizarre anal femdom
Exhibited slave Monica
Walk in Tiergarten
testing her stamina
'Mistress destroys my asshole with huge toys and objects'
'i leave the tied up 19 year old zooey alone in nature to go shopping'
Master and slave from Germany. 'I walk through Tiergarten with my naked slave Claudia. She swims on a leash in the lake. Many passers-by have seen her'
Anna. 'For hours in the same position while stuffed with huge objects'